Rocket Source

The better way to
analyze supplier files

As an Amazon wholesaler, find profitable products to sell quicker than ever, whether you are FBA, FBM, or using Small & Light.
In 2023 we helped 513 sellers analyze 505,655,927 products

Radically better sourcing

Spend less time sourcing and grow your business faster.
60+ valuable
data points
Look beyond just profitability information to understand the competitive landscape, any Amazon restrictions (such as Hazmat or brand gating), and much, much more.
Explore data points
All the checks you need
at your fingertips
Hazmat checks
Brand, category, and ASIN gate checks
Small and light eligibility checks
IP complaints (coming soon!)
Make it yours
Save your commonly used filters and column layouts, then load them in a single click to quickly analyze your product list

Unlike any tool
you've used before

Designed from the ground up for world-class performance, you can scan your entire product catalog faster than ever before.
Breathtakingly fast
Build for speed. Scan your product catalog in minutes, not hours.
Supporting speeds of up to 6 million products per hour, find your profitable products up to 300x faster than the competition.
Your products. Your data.
Rocket Source gives you the data you need to make your sourcing decisions, in whatever format you need.
Whether that is CSV or XLSX downloads, Google Sheet exports, the full-featured web UI, or API access - your data is fully accessible in whatever form you and your team need.

Source faster

Fast, bulk scanning of your
entire product catalog

Quickly scan your entire product catalog to find profitable, in-demand products to sell using Rocket Source's powerful scanning engine.
How it works
1. Get Supplier Catalog
Ask your suppliers to share their product catalog with you in either Excel or CSV format.
2. Upload
Upload your supplier file to Rocket Source along with any other options needed for your analysis (such as the marketplace, prep costs, etc).
3. Scan
The scanning engine will quickly and accurate scan through your supplier file, returning key metrics so you can make the best sourcing decision possible.
4. Analyze
View your results with powerful, customizable filters to find your winning products.

Source smarter

Deep insight into profitability,
demand, and competition

Quickly scan your entire product catalog to find profitable, in-demand products to sell using Rocket Source's powerful scanning engine.
Profitability, demand, and competition data
Powerful, customizable data filters
Search by UPC, ASIN, EAN or ISBN
Profitability calculator
Intelligent UPC, EAN, and ISBN correction
Smart multipack correction

Source easier

Save time and resources on sourcing

Stop spending hours finding profitable products to sell on Amazon. With Rocket Source’s prebuilt filters and fast scanning speeds, you can find your winning products faster than ever before without diverting time and energy away from growing your business.
Analyze faster with saved filters and views
Rocket Source lets you build your own set of filters and views, allowing you to find all the products that match your sourcing criteria in just a few clicks.
Coming soon!
Autoscan with Scheduled Scans
Automatically run your supplier files on your schedule. Choose the day and time your want your supplier file to run and automatically get the results.
And a whole lot more
Full featured API
If you are a developer or have a tech team, Rocket Source’s API allows you to programmatically scan your files and process their results.
Coming soon!
Webhook support
Programmatically trigger actions when scans complete.
Team Access
Invite your buyers or VAs to your account and have them scan and analyze files for you.
Coming soon!
Saved Notes
Leave notes on your products that you can access on future file scans.

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