Rocket Source

Detail View

The detail view allows you to see a superset of all the data available for the product in an easy to see way. In addition to to the normal table data, the detail view also allows you to see
  • All of the Amazon images for the product, at a larger size
  • A larger version of the supplier image, if this was mapped
  • The full category and BSR tree
  • The Amazon profitibability calculator

How do I see the detail panel?

You can double click on any row in your scan results to open up the detail panel. This will open up in the right hand side of your screen. Once opened, the detail panel can be closed by clicking the X in the top right corner of the detail page or by pressing the Escape key.

What are the different sections in the detail panel?

The calculator section has 6 different sections. Just give one of them a click to see the data inside.
  1. Profitability Calculator
  2. Product & Pack Quantity
  3. Competition
  4. Logistics
  5. Supplier Info
  6. Checks

Profitability Calculator

The calculator section allows you to quickly and easily see how different prices or costs would affect your profitability for that product.
Learn more about the profitability calculator.

Product & Pack Quantity

The Product & Pack Quantity section gives you access to information about the product from Amazon. From here you can see information such as the brand, size, or color as well as all of the images from the Amazon listing. The pack quantity and your total COGS calculation is shown here as well.


The Competition panels shows you the different offers available from other sellers. This is broken out into FBM and FBA offers, if available. It will show you the total number of offers, the number of buybox eligible offers, and the lowest price for each fulfillment method. The total number of offers (including used or refurbished offers) is also shown here.


The Logistics panel shows information related to shipping and warehousing. If available, it will show the item and its package dimensions and weights, the prep costs, and its size tier for FBA.

Supplier Info

The Supplier Info panel shows information that was provided during your file mapping from your supplier. Many of these fields are optional and will only be shown if they are mapped. If you have mapped everything, this panel will show the supplier pack quantity, title, SKU, identifier (either a UPC, ISBN, ASIN, or EAN), the stock level, unit cost, and MAP price.


Finally, the Checks panel will flag anything that Rocket Source thinks you should take a closer look at. This panel will be looking to see:
  • That the product is in a top level category (products that aren’t tend to sell very poorly)
  • If the product is considered an adult product (adult products need special prep for FBA)
  • If the product is considered meltable (meltable products can only be sold during certain times of the year)
  • If the product is brand blocklisted
  • If the product is FBA eligible
  • If the product is Small & Light eligible