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Retrieve a list of EANs (European Article Number) from a list of Amazon ASINs. Easily and quickly convert your ASIN to EAN (or ASIN to UPC) and get many other data points to help decide which products you should purchase, list, and sell.
EANs are less common than UPCs, but some suppliers will use them, particularly for suppliers based outside of the US.
Alternatively, you can convert ISBNs to ASINs or UPCs to ASINs as well!

Single ASIN conversion to EAN

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Bulk ASIN to EAN conversion

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Rocket Source's bulk ASIN to EAN conversion allows you to upload a CSV containing your ASINs and get back the converted EANs as well as 60+ other data points.
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How to convert ASINs to EANs in Bulk

Need to convert a list of ASINs to EANs? Upload your CSV or XLSX list to Rocket Source today and save hours of manual searching.
1. Import your CSV file
Import your ASINs, costs, and any other data points. Rocket Source’s smart importer will let you map which columns are which and select the columns you wish to upload.
2. Convert in bulk
Once you have mapped your file, Rocket Source's powerful scanning engine searches Amazon looking for listings that match your uploaded ASINs codes.
3. Analyze or export results
Use Rocket Source’s user friendly web UI to quickly sort, compare, and filter your data or export it to a CSV or Excel for further analysis.
What else does Rocket Source offer?

Deep data insights

More than just ASIN to EAN conversion, Rocket Source allows you to stay competitive with up-to-date buybox pricing, sales ranks, FBA fees, competitor information and much, much more. The data we provide can give you an edge over your competition, helping you to make smarter sourcing and pricing decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many EANs can I convert at once?
A: Rocket Source can support even the most demanding needs. Our Scale plan is capable of running lists of hundreds of thousands of products without skipping a beat. However, free plans are limited to just one scan of up to 50k EANs per week.
Q: What Amazon marketplaces do you support?
A: All of them!
Q: What data points does Rocket Source provide?
A: We’ve compiled a full list of all 60+ data points. Check it out

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