Rocket Source

Multipack Corrections

One of the biggest time savers out there - Multipack Corrections allow you to correct an Amazon Pack Quantity once and have it automatically applied to all future (and past!) scans.

How are Multipack Corrections made?

Like Listing Matches, Multipack Corrections can be made in two ways - either through the Multipack Corrections page directly or from your scan results.
From your scan results:
  1. Simply double click the Amazon Pack Quantity column
  2. Type in the correct value, and hit the Enter key to save
From the Multipack Corrections page:
  1. On the left hand menu, Multipack Corrections
  2. Click Add
  3. Enter in your ASIN and the corrected pack quantity, separated by a space
  4. If you have multiple pack quantities to correct, enter then in on a new line
  5. Click add

How do I load my Multipack Corrections?

Multipack Corrections in Rocket Source are automatically applied when you load or export a scan result, even if you created the Multipack Correct after you did your scan!