Rocket Source

Product Lists

With Product Lists, you can add or remove products from your lists, allowing you to incrementally save your work as you go. The ability to delete items from your list is the real power!

How are product lists used?

While product lists can be used in a variety of different ways, the most common way product lists get used as a way of whittling down a list of potential products.
So for example, if you setup an initial filter looking for products with a profit > $3 and an ROI > 30%, you could then save all of those products into a “Maybe” list.
Then, you can pop into the “Maybe” list and start whittling that list down by deleting items from that list that don't match any further requirements you may have (such as not being oversize or being fulfillable by FBA).

How do I create product lists?

Product lists can be created in two ways - either by the Lists bar at the bottom of the Scan Results screen or via the Selection menu at the top.

How do I use product lists?

You can choose which product list is currently visible by clicking it in the lists bar at the bottom of the screen.
You can also duplicate, delete, or rename a list by right clicking it.