Rocket Source

Inline Edit

The inline edit feature allows you to quickly change an editable data point within your results. If needed, Rocket Source will go and recalculate any data points that are calculated off of the edited value. The edited values will be included in your exported results too!

How to use the inline edit feature

To edit a data point, simply double click on the cell. Once the edit window is opened, type in your new value and hit Enter to save. You can cancel an edit by either hitting Esc or clicking the X.
Only the following columns are editable at this time:
  • Amazon Pack Quantity
  • Cost
If you are looking to edit something else, just open up a ticket and we can get it added in for you 🙂

Correcting multipack quantities

If you are editing the Amazon Pack Quantity, Rocket Source will automatically create a Multipack Correction for you. Multipack Corrections will be saved and loaded on future scans, so you only need to fix your multipacks once!