Rocket Source

FBA Fee Calculator

Rocket source has a full-featured FBA fee and profitability calculator. This calculator is in the detail view of your scan results.
The calculator is primarily used to see how changes in the product’s sales price or your purchase cost impact your profitability. You can also factor in additional fees, such as prep costs or inbound shipping costs here.

How do I use the fee calculator?

You’ll first need to get the detail panel opened up. You can do this by clicking on any of the rows in your scan results. From there, click on the Calculator area in the right hand side to open up the calculator.
Now, you can double click any of the underlined values to change them. Double clicking an underlined value opens that value in edit mode, allowing you to change the value to something new. When you are done editing, hit the Enter key to save or the Escape key to cancel.
Rocket Source will automatically recalculate your profitability for you after any change. If you are changing the sale price of the product, the referral fees will be recalculated as well.