Rocket Source

Data Export

Rocket Source allows you to export your scan results in a variety of formats, including CSV or Excel files, as well as Google Sheets.
Excel and Google Sheet exports share a similar format to the web results, by separating found products from any inputs with errors. Listings found during your scan can be found in the "Products" sheet, while any errors will be in the "Errors" sheet.
CSV exports will have both the listings and errors combined into a single export.

How do I export my scan results?

From your Scan results, just click the Export menu, then choose the export type you want. If you chose CSV or XLSX, then your results will be downloaded to your computer. If you chose Google Sheets, then your results will be saved to your Google Drive and you will be given a link to open it.

Do Excel and Google Sheet exports support formulas?

Yes! All Excel and Google Sheet exports from Rocket Source fully support formulas for all calculated columns. Update your cost, buybox price, Amazon pack quantity or any other field and instantly get the newly calculated profit, margin, and ROI.

Are my filters and layouts exported too?

Yes! Rocket Source will export all the items matching your current filters. The column order in your exports will also match what you have setup in Rocket Source. Additionally, the XLSX and GSheet exports will hide any columns that you have hidden.

Can I change some of my settings after I export?

If you did an Excel and Google Sheet export, then you can edit various Scan settings, such as your prep costs and inbound shipping rate. Just go to the "Options" sheet and enter in a new value, and all the dependent data points will be recalculated.