Rocket Source

Listing Match

The Listing Match tools allows you to mark whether an identifier and ASIN pair match. Listing Matches are all saved and automatically pulled in on your next scan, so you only ever have to enter then in once.
This is one of the easiest ways to quickly root out identifier mismatches.

How do I create a Listing Match?

Similar to Multipack Corrections, you can create listing matches in one of two ways, either through the Listing Matches page directly or through the Scan results.
Using the Listing Matches page directly:
  1. From the left hand menu of Rocket Source, click Listing Matches
  2. Click Add
  3. Enter in your identifier and ASIN pair, separated by a comma
  4. If you have more identifier and ASIN pairs to add, you can add them on a new line
  5. Click add
Through the scan results
  1. Open up the Scan results
  2. In the Listing Match column, change the value to either True or False

How do I load my Listing Matches?

Listing Matches are automatically applied when you load or export a scan result, even if you created the Listing Match after you did your scan!