Rocket Source

🚀 Rocket Source has launched!

October 1st, 2022
The team and I here at Rocket Source are extremely excited to launch today. We strongly believe that Rocket Source has the potential to not only become the #1 tool for wholesale and online arbitrage sellers, but to dramatically improve the relationships that thousands of Amazon sellers have with their business, saving them time, money, and headaches.
During our beta testing period:
  • Everyone will get completely, 100% free access to all of our features
  • All usage will be unlimited
  • You will be able to steer product direction with feature requests
Q: How long will the beta period last?
A: Rocket Source will be in beta until January 1st, 2023. At this point, Rocket Source will switch to normal subscription pricing.
Q: How much will Rocket Source cost?
A: We will be priced competitively with other tools on the market, but with a whole lot more features for the same cost! Check out our pricing page for more info.
Q: Do you offer a free plan?
A: Yes! Our free plan offers one file scan per week.