Rocket Source

API Permissions

When you setup your API integration with Amazon, you will see page that looks similar to this.
Rocket Source requires all of the permissions above in order to scan files. Amazon describes each of these permissions as follows:
  1. Selling Partner Insights - View information about the Amazon Selling Partner account and performance.
  2. Amazon Fulfilment - Send to Amazon, and Amazon delivers directly to customer. Includes Fulfilment by Amazon.
  3. Pricing - Determine list prices and automate product pricing.
  4. Product Listing - Create and manage product listings, including A+ content
  5. Inventory and Order Tracking - Analyse and manage inventory. Does not include information required to generate shipping labels.
At first glance, this feels like a lot of permissions to give to scan a supplier file. Ultimately, Amazon's permission scopes for the API are overly broad at this time, requiring us to have more access than is truly needed to scan a supplier file. While we sincerely hope that Amazon introduces more granular permission scopes in the future to more accurately reflect how little access Rocket Source needs, we have to make do with what Amazon has at the moment.
Rocket Source only accesses the following information from each permission scope:
  1. Selling Partner Insights - used to determine which marketplaces your account is eligible to sell in.
  2. Amazon Fulfilment - used to determine FBA fees, S&L fees, referral fees, hazmat status, and FBA eligibility for products.
  3. Pricing - used to pull pricing information (such as the current buybox price) and competitor's offer data.
  4. Product Listing - used to determine your eligibility to list certain products (or in other words, checking if a product is brand, category, or ASIN gated).
  5. Inventory and Order Tracking - currently unused, but we have future plans to integrate your current inventory information into Rocket Source.
While Amazon describes each of these permissions as having both "view and edit" ability, Rocket Source only performs "view" type calls on your account. We do not edit your listings, pricing data, inventory, order tracking, or anything else on your account.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out and ask!